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Call (416) 568-9032 Now and Ask About Getting a $400 Discount for Your Project*

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Call (416) 568-9032 Now and Ask About Getting a $400 Discount for Your Project*

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Whether you are looking refinish the floors in your kitchen or re-do your entire house, the fact of the matter is that you need to invest in a trusted and reliable hardwood floor refinishing team that will take care of every single detail of the job without cutting any corners in terms of quality or convenience. United Construction Services is the team the does just that. Add in our affordable and competitive prices and it is clear to see that it would be foolish to waste your time with any other hardwood floor refinishing team.

of Oak Floors

We always give it a hundred percent to ensure our clients receive the fantastic service they deserve. We do this by following a top-notch step-by-step process. Choose us, and you’re getting a team of seasoned and trained professionals with the necessary experience to give you just what you need. We promise to:

  • Oak is an extremely hard and durable wood. As such, it can withstand repeat usage and even the most energetic childhood games. Having been used in the building and construction trade for centuries, it has established a reputation for being an extremely long-lasting flooring material. The longevity of oak is perhaps best illustrated by virtue of the fact that 200-year-old reclaimed oak is still readily available and can be purchased easily.
  • Like the best red wine, oak actually improves with age. If you are fortunate enough to have 150-year or 200-year oak wood flooring installed in your home, then you can vouch for this claim first-hand. The great thing about oak is that its color gets warmer and richer as each year passes and once it is regularly maintained it can stay looking beautiful and pristine for many years.
  • The grain that oak produces makes it a very attractive grain that is ideal for flooring. Compared to other woods that have very monochromatic patterns, oak offers very attractive grains.
  • The popularity and abundance of oak means that it is the perfect option for homeowners of all shapes and sizes. One of the other distinct advantages of oak is that it is available in an astonishing number of styles, grades and dimensions. This wide range of options gives our customers the opportunity to find whatever they are looking for.
  • Finally, one of the primary advantages of oak, compared to other woods and alternative flooring types, is that it takes very well to staining and can be colored to meet the individual and respective needs of your home. So, whether you are looking for a light and natural shade or want a clean and contemporary look, oak flooring from United Construction Services can do it all.

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If you are looking for a hardwood floor refinishing team that will go the extra mile for you, then you really need to look no further than United Construction Services. Why settle for second-best, when the number one team is here and available for you to use?

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